About Me

What a long, strange trip it's been

 My name is Dréa Rose.

It took a very long time and a lot of pain and struggle to gain the willingness to do the work to produce that smile you see in my photo.

For over 2 decades I struggled with depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, addiction, alcoholism and negative thinking. I never felt I was good enough to deserve the wonderful amazing life I have now. For years I couldn’t go anywhere without a drink or a drug, never picked my head up when I walked, wouldn’t dare look you in the eye and couldn’t tell the difference between what was true or false. Lost.

My addiction took me to some deep dark places, filled with trauma and desperation.

It took a long time to reach out and get what I didn’t even know I needed.

My goal with One Heartbeat Healing is to help others heal, to find their path to a better way.

Although I have been practicing Magic and Reading Tarot for over 25 years, due to my intense intuition as a child; My focus the last few years has been intensively doing the work, taking the classes and learning how I can use my pain and past struggles help others. I can’t close the door on my past, but I want to use it to help others walk through to the other side of their own door.

I offer intuitive Tarot readings
-Reiki and energy healing
-Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Extractions
-Akashic Journeys
-Spiritual products and ritual kits
-Custom Ritual and Candle work.

I am currently studying in two different herbalism schools and will be expanding my store the more I learn
I am not a counselor, but I will listen,
I am not a doctor, but I will help you heal.
I am not a fortune teller, but I will read your cards and help you find insight.

Book a chat session with me today, and we can discuss what healing modality is right for you.

If you are looking for insight, book a reading and we’ll see what the cards say.

Check the shop out, for ritual baths, floor washes, oils , candles and more.
Collective Rituals and Magic Classes are almost always in the works.